Metabolism Boosting Foods!

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Life is good.

Eat easy

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Progression vs Procrastination

What is right

Crates Life

In my previous post, I’ve spoke about getting into being mindful of the present and hence building up on the ability to get things done. I’ve thought about it and I wonder, what if I had never gotten into the habit of being aware and mindful and if I had never been able to get things done?

In modern’s society where the value of meritocracy is being extolled to no end, we have been conditioned through various propaganda to work towards a certain reward or prize. And here’s the catch, we can create our own carrot to dangle in front of us. I’ve watched an extremely heart-wrenching short movie from TropFest Australia sometime back and while it has merits and credits of its own, a part of the short movie spoke to me about this topic today. For now I shall continue this post but rest assure that the link…

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Expert’s Top Fitness Tips: Harper’s Bazaar Director Newby Hands

Get expert advice


Newby Hands

She’s tried and tested virtually every fitness regime under the sun and interviewed some of the world’s top healthistas on how they keep in shape.

Now Newby Hands – Beauty Director at Large of top glossy magazine Harper’s Bazaar – has shared some of her years of insider knowledge with The Fitness Inspirer.

“I’m actually very lazy,” admits Newby, who is also Editorial Director of beauty website “I love sitting on the sofa watching TV.”

But she says she has changed over the last four years and feels fitter now than when she was 20. ” I smoked, I drank, I didn’t exercise,” she says. “I can’t believe that was me. I took small steps that gradually changed a lot of fundamental things.”

So what is the best regime to follow? How do you motivate yourself to be fit when you really can’t be bothered? And out of all of…

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Simple On-the-Go workouts

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Walking and Jogging

Walk your way of life

Classic Polo

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that fits people of any age. Unlike some vigorous forms of work-outs, walking is a form of exercise that is much flexible in nature. It doesn’t require any special equipment or training, it can be done at one’s own pace, it can be done indoors or outdoor, and could be performed at any hour of the day. It reduces cardio-vascular risks, Type II diabetes, obesity, some forms of cancer and osteoporosis which is a gradual decrease in muscular strength that results due to aging.

Regular walking tones the whole body and keeps fit. It increases blood circulation thereby reducing hypertension. Walking at early hours provides the added advantage of inhaling fresh oxygen from atmosphere that leaves our body and mind fresh for the rest of the day. It prevents the bad cholesterol accumulating in the body. Brisk walking can be stabilized and progressed…

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Don’t text your girl. Let BroApp do it for you | Technology News

Let it do

Interactive Video Production

There is a new app called BroApp that will send your girlfriend love messages. The app is made for guys to be able to text their girlfriend while they are out partying. That way your girlfriend will never know.

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