After the Storm

It’d only calm but we need to warm and farm

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Rooftop View

Touch the heights and hearts

Implied Spaces

Emily Dickinson did not reside here, where leaves kiss shadows and eaves whisper about summer to the remains of grit that gets washed away in the rain of cloud convictions. Yeats never told her about the window that looks back at the reflected trees. So why is it that they seem to be waving at the camera in a poetic frenzy of twisting line breaks, like an uneven stanza, a stratification of emotional confusion ?

Here are Pareidolia Parasols

for high wire walkers


roof repair workers

in the bright sun,

as rays of certainty hurl down upon their heads,

with the verity of gravity’s grasp.

Unwanted facts, quickly approaching –

from the shouting horizon –

brings on vertigo in existential deniers .

Too much emotional distortion

rises in the air,

as the refractive index

causes truth to bend

when it enters and exists in opinionated thoughts –

unsteadily seated…

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‘Be bold; there are no terrible consequences in knitting.’ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Dream knit and knots

Sally says . . . eat, sleep, work, read, play, draw, bark . . .

Stories from my Sketchbook . . . 

I can’t quite remember how old I was when I first learned to knit but I know knitting was something I indulged in, and enjoyed, for years and years.  I used to knit all the time.  I made sweaters and scarves and cushion covers and toys and blankets and . . . well, you name it, I probably had a go at it.  (Okay, I never made a hoodie for a dog, but I might have if I’d thought any of my boys or girls would have worn them . . .  )  And then, for reasons I can no longer remember, I stopped.  Just stopped.  Probably I got too busy, or too lazy, or took up other interests instead . . .

Until about a month ago I had not thought about knitting for the longest time but, when clearing…

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Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian on W21st: All of Your Naked Women/Flower/Destroyed Metal Tumblr Dreams Come True

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Originally posted on POSTMODERN ZEST:
When I asked Iranian artist Nicky Nodjoumi what his favorite current shows in New York City were, he directed me to Anselm Kiefer’s show at Gagosian on W21st. And when Nicky Nodjoumi tells you to…

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Women age or mirage but its a image


A is the birth of everything

The consciousness that guides our faith

The embers that breathe fire

But thoughts of the lone self are bound to develop

So to survive it needs a companion

A plus one

B is born

And breathes oxygen into the embers

To give it the confidence of a flame

And thoughts of trust

Thoughts that it accepts completely

Until it sees the shadows the flame creates

Why? B asks

Y emerges

And tells the flame it is a danger to mankind

The flame cowers and hates itself for what it is

Contaminated thoughts suffocate it faster than an extinguisher

Sound the alarm


S descends

From the heavens and resuscitates the flame

To tell it that it will grow to be fire

And a transfusion of thoughts tell the flame it is warmth, not destruction

The flame stands once again

And so does its shadow

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Les bienfaits des perles à repasser

Colors fun art

PER1 copy

Ceux qui ont été enfants dans les années 80-début 90 se souviennent surement des perles à repasser (Pearler beads, Hama beads). Il fut un temps où c’était bien à la mode (tout comme les braclets brésiliens, les autocollants à colorier, les ensemble de création de bijoux etc)

À la base, ce jeu de perles a été inventé vers 1960 et dans un but thérapeutique pour les gens agés. De retour en vogue de nos jours, ce jeu tout simple et coloré cache de nombreux bienfaits.

Bien que j’essais d’avoir le moins de plastique possible dans ma vie (enfants compris), mes enfants adorent ce jeu et je peux voir les bienfaits chez eux donc, il a encore une place dans notre armoire créative.

On retrouve de ces petites perles un peu partout, dans de nombreux magasins, sur internet et même au Ikea (J’ai d’ailleurs le même gros bocal de 1.5 lbs…

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Diet Advice Made Simple

Moderate veggies


Nutrition gets more confusing with every fad diet book published, every miracle pill released, and every fruit that’s declared a superfood. Every summer we’re bombarded with so much new information that contradicts everything we supposedly learned last year about food, that no longer know how to lose weight in a healthy way. There is no secret formula to a well-balanced diet; here is some diet advice that everyone can understand.

Don’t cut out anything

No-carb diets gained a big following once pasta, bread, and other refined carbs were declared an enemy of the flat stomach. However, although you should try to cut out refined carbs from your diet, cutting out all carbs will only leave you feeling tired, grumpy, and constipated. When eaten, carbohydrates are digested and converted into glucose (fuel for your body). Every cell in your body requires glucose; it is the main source of energy for…

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