Walking and Jogging

Walk your way of life

Classic Polo

Walking is a low-impact form of exercise that fits people of any age. Unlike some vigorous forms of work-outs, walking is a form of exercise that is much flexible in nature. It doesn’t require any special equipment or training, it can be done at one’s own pace, it can be done indoors or outdoor, and could be performed at any hour of the day. It reduces cardio-vascular risks, Type II diabetes, obesity, some forms of cancer and osteoporosis which is a gradual decrease in muscular strength that results due to aging.

Regular walking tones the whole body and keeps fit. It increases blood circulation thereby reducing hypertension. Walking at early hours provides the added advantage of inhaling fresh oxygen from atmosphere that leaves our body and mind fresh for the rest of the day. It prevents the bad cholesterol accumulating in the body. Brisk walking can be stabilized and progressed…

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Don’t text your girl. Let BroApp do it for you | Technology News

Let it do

Interactive Video Production

There is a new app called BroApp that will send your girlfriend love messages. The app is made for guys to be able to text their girlfriend while they are out partying. That way your girlfriend will never know.

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Who you gonna call the Ghostbusters

Burst the ghost busters

Interactive Video Production

This game is awesome if your a fan of Ghostbusters. This game feels like an extension of Ghostbusters 1 and 2 in the sense that it feels like the third movie. The amount of repetitiveness is very large but is still fun.


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Road Scholar / Its Never too Late to Learn

Learn to live from lived

Tech Tips for Retirees

image courtesy of taoty/FreeDigitalPhotos.net image courtesy of taoty/FreeDigitalPhotos.com Yes, just bring that coffee and pull up a chair to be taken to a website that can lead to the adventurous learning experience of a lifetime!
http://roadscholar.org which was formerly known as “Elderhostel”, plans for learning experiences from your home state to the other side of the world. These are in depth experiences, often with a focus on special interests, and in some cases are quite frugal. The details are all laid out for you and include information on the activity level and accommodations. People who have experienced these trips are quite enthusiastic and many return for other adventures throughout their senior years. All ages are welcome and you might also want to check out trips designed for mixed generations, such as grandparent and grandchild.

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Nanomotors Steered Inside Living Human Cells For the First Time

Dig deeper inside. See the power of nano

Bell's Palsy

A group of researchers from Penn State have pushed the realm of possibilities for nanotechnology further as they have successfully steered a nanomotor inside of a human cell. This is the first time this feat has been accomplished. The team of chemists, biologist, and engineers was led by Tom Mallouk and has been published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

photo credit: Mallouk Lab/ Penn State

Nanomotors have been studied in vitro more more than a decade now. The hope is that eventually, they could be used inside of human cells for biomedical research. This nanotechnology could revolutionize drug delivery and even perform surgery in order to increase quality of life in the least invasive way possible. The earliest models were nonfunctional in biological fluid due to their fuel source. A huge breakthrough came later when the nanomotors were able to be powered externally via acoustic waves. The nanomotors used inside the…

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The seven keys to the internet

The mystic magic net


Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. James Ball joins a private ceremony, and finds the reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix.
James Ball, The Guardian

The keyholders have been meeting four times a year, twice on the east coast of the US and twice here on the west, since 2010. All have long backgrounds in internet security and work for various international institutions. They were chosen for their geographical spread as well as their experience – no one country is allowed to have too many keyholders. They travel to the ceremony at their own, or their employer’s, expense.

What these men and women control is the system at the heart of the…

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Is social media helping or hurting networking?

The double edged sword the effects of social media on every individual


social media, new media, digital media, networking tips

By now, I am sure everyone has seen this report about the LinkedIn exchange that went viral. The story is very similar to others that I hear almost daily these days. It got me thinking about the state of networking in modern times. Is it better or worse with the advent of social media?

First, a long rewind to back when I first started out. I was in my early 20’s and knew no one. Not one business connection. So, I started really old school to build my business, which began as a small PR firm with one employee. ME!

I got a directory and mailed (yes, I said MAILED) out letters about me and my company. Hundreds … thousands … all day and all night. After a while, one lead bit and called me. I then took that one intro (thank you John Gawlowski) and built hundreds of…

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