Radiomics: Images are Life Saving Data

One shot of life

Worth the Search

The new modern technique to identify the driver mutations of a patient’s cancer and match them to a new targeted therapy —  is a traditional CT scan?

Medical imaging techniques such as CT and MRI scans are currently used to locate a patient’s tumour and to inform oncologists as to whether or not the disease is responding to therapy. However, in recent years researchers realized that archived* medical images represent a large and untapped dataset. Riding the biology wave of big-data and ‘omics’, radiomics was born as the field of research interested in quantitative analysis of medical imaging. So does radiomics have the potential to provide important and actionable information to oncologists, and if so how will it be applied in the future?

The current trend of cancer research and novel therapeutics is to match a patient to a “targeted therapy” usually based on the mutation(s) that caused their…

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