Progression vs Procrastination

What is right

Crates Life

In my previous post, I’ve spoke about getting into being mindful of the present and hence building up on the ability to get things done. I’ve thought about it and I wonder, what if I had never gotten into the habit of being aware and mindful and if I had never been able to get things done?

In modern’s society where the value of meritocracy is being extolled to no end, we have been conditioned through various propaganda to work towards a certain reward or prize. And here’s the catch, we can create our own carrot to dangle in front of us. I’ve watched an extremely heart-wrenching short movie from TropFest Australia sometime back and while it has merits and credits of its own, a part of the short movie spoke to me about this topic today. For now I shall continue this post but rest assure that the link…

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