A Deeper Sort Of Social

Chat and got it now


If humans are anything, it’s adaptive. Give us a tool, and we’ll figure out a use for it. That’s what happened when we mapped out our social lives to the constraints of the Internet.

After we constructed the portals to everything (all of America, Online), we then refined the web, dealing with our basic needs first by building platforms for finding work or friends or romance. We figured out the nuances later, like why we’d need a universal status-update system like Twitter.

Because these systems, and later mobile apps like Instagram and Path, kept our data forever, humans became stranger, more abstracted versions of themselves when they interacted on them, performing what Jenna Wortham called “success theatre.”

Recently, and for a while, scrolling through one’s online life during the weekends was the best way to cause a massive case of FOMO: “Look, there’s someone at Davos, and there’s someone at…

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